Uwe Munzinger Brand Experience

Experience and expertise for brands in the Emotional Experience Economy.

Experiences create emotions. And emotions guide behaviour and choice. As acknowledged experts with more than 25 years of experience within B2B and B2C we support you with the creation, the management and the measurement of brand and experience strategies.

Uwe Munzinger Brand Experience



Based on our experience with hundreds of projects for various organizations (blue chips, SMUs, family businesses, Start-Ups, NGOs, ministries, clubs, educational institutions) we support you managing brand and experience challenges.

From executive consulting, keynotes, workshops or moderations up to complex projects we accompany you with our competence regarding your specific needs. National as well as international.

  • Executive

  • Key

  • Moderations

  • Workshops


Strategy means shaping the future. With our deep knowledge of brands, markets, people and media we support you developing superior brand and experience strategies.

From the definition of the brand identity, vision, mission und purpose to brand architectur solutions and complex brand experience strategies.

We offer extensive experience, a detailed understanding of organizations, empathy for the challenges of our clients and our passion for building sustainably successful strategies.

  • Development

  • Design

  • Implemen­tation

  • Evaluation


Whether qualitative (focus groups, stakeholder interviews, in-depth interviews, mystery experience) or quantitative (Brand Experience Management System, representative surveys, concept tests, segmentations, customer pathway, customer journeys, touchpoint analysis): based on more than 25 years of experience within leading research organizations und numerous awards (ARF Ogilvy Award in Gold, BVM German market research award) we design, coordinate and analyze research projects converning brand and experience.

Based on the available international knowledge, ranging from behavioral economics to modern survey tools - and with more than 10 years of experience as board member of the "Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des Markenwesens“ , the research platform within the network of the German brand association („Markenverband“).

  • Qualitative

  • Quantitative

  • Mystery

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Uwe Munzinger

Uwe Munzinger


Uwe Munzinger is an international experienced expert in the area of strategic brand management and brand/customer experience.

Prior to founding Munzinger Brand & Experience he was a co-founder and Managing Director of Sasserath Munzinger Plus, a brand- culture- and innovation consultancy (2007 - 2021).

Previously Uwe Munzinger has been Managing Director and shareholder of Icon Brand Navigation (today: Kantar), a leading company in the area of research based brand consultancy. Besides his responsibility for the German business he oversaw the businesses in France, Italy and UK and built the US business from 1998 to 2003 based in New York.

Before his career at Icon he has been the first Managing Director Strategic Planning at BBDO Germany and Director Research Europe. He started his career at GfK-Group, where he was responsible for building the international communication and advertising research business.

Besides his role as board member in various companies Uwe Munzinger serves for more than 10 years as board member in the "Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des Markenwesens (GEM)", the research platform in the network of the German brand association („Markenverband“). He is also member of the Business/Innovation Coaching in the „European Coach Community“ of the European Commission (EASME) and teaches at various universities and educational institutions.

Uwe Munzinger studied science of communication, business psychology and philosophy at Ludwigs-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich.

He is a sought-after speaker, interview partner, and author of numerous books and articles.


Brand and Experience are broad disciplines with multiple facets. As Munzinger Brand & Experience we focus on those areas where we are acknowledged experts. For all other topics we cooperate with excellent partners within our „Brand Experience Group“.

Together we cover all relevant aspects of creating, measuring and managing superior brand experiences.

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We are proud of numerous assignments where we could support companies, associations and organizations with our expertise. It is our mission to help organizations of divers categories and sizes to become more successful, more sustainable, more human through the intelligent creation, measurement and management of brand and experience strategies.

Uwe Munzinger and his team supported us decisively, to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of markets and target groups as a basis for an optimized brand experience across all touchpoints for a sustainable improvement of trafic and preference. The team had a major contribution for the future development of the brands of the Porsche Design Group.

Nicola Ader Global Director Marketing & Public Relations at Porsche Design Group

Their comprehensive analyses and creative-strategic impulses have been decisive in helping us to develop our brands systematiclly, to align our portfolio for the future, and thus to improve our performance and our business efficiency sustainably... clear and actionable – rarely have we seen such great work!

Paul Drewes Member of the Board bei Brauns-Heitmann

The Munzinger team had a critical contribution developing a sustainable identity for our corporation and the business units. In addition the team around Uwe Munzinger engineered a strategic roadmap for the successful implementation of our new company structure and vision.

Constanze Krieger Head of Marketing and Communication, Coroplast

The team of Uwe Munzinger has developed in a very short time a well-founded brand strategy and brand architecture and on top created a great name for our merged organizations. The whole process has been absolute professional and superior. Thank you very much for the awesome cooperation!

Andre Welke CMO Werbe- und Vertriebsgesellschaft deutscher Apotheker mbH

The brand, marketing and sales strategy developed with the Munzinger team is the foundation to lead our traditional brand into a successful future.

Maurice Freiherr von Dalwigk Bevollmächtigter des Alleingesellschafters, KPM Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur

The Munzinger team proved an outstanding sense for the self-conception and the complex structures of our organization and to translate this into a coherent strategy to develop our brands. All my questions have been answered and therefore I am very happy with the results of the project.

Olaf Dilge Vorstand Ahorn AG


We contribute continuously with publications (books, articles, interviews, blogs, podcasts), speeches and workshops (at universities, companies, organizations) regarding the knowledge and advancement in communication, brand and experience.

Selected Publications


Sieben Schritte zu einer exzellenten Brand Experience
Uwe Munzinger
In: Markenartikel 4/2024
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Uwe Munzinger, Olaf Hartmann
In: Podcast "Markenkraft"


Brand Experience verstehen und optimieren
Munzinger, U.
In: Markenartikel 5/2023
Wer nichts weiß, muss alles glauben
Uwe Munzinger, Olaf G. Hartmann
In: Podcast "Markenkraft"


HOMO EXPERIENCE – Dem Verhalten der Menschen in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft gerecht werden
Munzinger, U.
In: Markenartikel 7/2021
Brand Experience effektiv steuern
O. Hartmann / U. Munzinger
In: Podcast Markenkraft
45 Jahre Apple
Interview in der ARD
In: Brisant
Warum Facebook, Twitter, aber auch Bild aktuell so viel Vertrauen verspielen - Köpfe-Interview mit Uwe Munzinger
Munzinger, U.
In: Kress News


Warum das Markenerleben der Killer-KPI in der Emotional Experience Economy ist
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Wie man eine exzellente Customer Experience organisiert
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Munzinger, U.
In: Internet Business World 05/2020
Wie Corona die Brand Experience verändert
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In: LinkedIn
Vom Homo Oeconomicus zum Homo Experience
Munzinger, U.
In: LinkedIn


Das Nötige vor dem Dringenden
Brune, P. / Munzinger, U
In: Markenartikel 9/2019
Herausforderungen in der Markenführung bei B2B- und Mittelstandsunternehmen
Brune, P./Munzinger, U.
In: LinkedIn
Weniger Angst vor Fehlern
Thürer, L. / Munzinger, U.
In: Horizont 37/2019
Zara macht’s anders
Munzinger, U.
In: Textilwirtschaft 6/2019
Alexa könnte Markenkiller sein
Munzinger, U.
In: KI-Marketing 4/2019
Podcast: Unternehmen Vertrauen
Frevet, U. / Munzinger, U.
In: Westlotto


Namen für Schall und Rauch
Munzinger, U.
In: top Magazin Berlin
Versprechen müssen erlebt werden
Munzinger, U. / Scheunemann, O.
In: Markenartikel 5/2018
Kampf um die Aufmerksamkeit
Munzinger, U. / Brune, P.
In: Markenartikel 8/2018


Erleben, Vertrauen und Präferenz
Munzinger, U. / Scheunemann, O.
In: Markenartikel 6/2017
Die Share Economy – ein neues Modell des Wirtschaftens im digitalen Zeitalter
Munzinger, U.
In: Kreutzer, R. T. et.al. Digitale Markenführung.


Hier bin ich Mensch
Munzinger, U.
In: Kontext 4/2016
11 Irrtümer über Marken
Munzinger, U.
In: Springer Gabler


Die Wahrheit hinter den Worten
Richter, T. / Munzinger, U.
In: Markenartikel 11/2015
Evolution oder Revolution
Oemus, S. / Munzinger, U.
In: Markenartikel 7/2015
Versicherungsmarken erlebbar machen – eine große Chance im „Connected Life“
Munzinger, U. / Mayr, M.
In: Zeitschrift für Versicherungswesen 05/15
Versprechen, vertrauen, verhauen
Munzinger, U.
In: w&v 17/2015
Erfordert die Sharing Economy neue Mechanismen der Markenführung?
Kindel, H./Kobbe, P./Mertens, A./Munzinger, U.
In: Marketing Review St. Gallen 4/2015
Liebe kann man nicht erzwingen. Das Ende der Kundenbindung, wie wir sie kennen
Munzinger, U.
In: Horizont.net 3/2015


Von Vertrauen, Nähe und dem Weg in die Zukunft
Munzinger, U. / Sasserath, M.
In: new business Oktober 2014
Intensität und Qualität von Markenerlebnissen
Kindel, H. / Munzinger, U.
In: Markenartikel Sonderheft 111 Jahre Markenverband
Der Schlüssel zum Markenvertrauen
Kindel, H. / Munzinger, U.
In: Markenartikel 12/2014
Sharing wird das neue CSR
Munzinger, U.
In: Horizont.net 6/2014
Die neuen Möglichkeiten, Marken in der digitalen Welt erlebbar zu machen
Munzinger, U.
In: GEM Report Markendialog 2014
Das Märchen der geheimen Verführer
Munzinger, U.
In: Horizont.net 2/2014


Drei goldene Überlebensregeln für den stationären Handel
Munzinger, U.
In: Horizont.net 11/2013
Top oder Flop
Munzinger, U. / Koth, H.
In: reserach & results 5/2013


Android wird nicht das neue coole Ding
Munzinger, U.
In: wuv online 7/2012
Marken im digitalen Zeitalter messen, managen, erlebbar machen
Munzinger, U. / Kindel, H.
In: planung & analyse 4/2012
Munzinger, U.
In: pay 3/2012
Markenerleben im digitalen Zeitalter
Munzinger, U. / Wenhart, C.
In: SpringerGabler
Marken und ihr Wert
Sasserath, M. / Munzinger, U.
In: Marke 10
Mehr Tante Emma?
Munzinger, U.
In: wuv online 1/2012


Erlebnis bringt Ergebnis
Munzinger, U.
In: Markenartikel 9/2011
Das Markenerleben – die neue Leitwährung in der Markenführung
Munzinger, U. / Scholz, H.
In: In planung & analyse 4/2011


Die Optimierung der Geschäftsentwicklung
Sasserath, M. / Munzinger, U.
In: new business 9/2010
Markenführung 2025
Munzinger, U. / Sasserath, M.
In: Markenartikel 6/2010
Im Zeitalter der Supermarken – Neue Paradigmen der Markenführung
Munzinger, U. / Musiol, K.G. / Sasserath, M.
In: mi Verlag
Das Marketing der Zukunft
Munzinger, U.
In: 50 Jahre Marketing Club Nürnberg


Das Kaufverhalten der Deutschen und Strategien für Marken in der Krise
Uwe Munzinger
In: Perspektive blau 2009
Die Krise – eine einmalige Chance für Angebote mit Substanz
Uwe Munzinger
In: absatzwirtschaft online 7/2009
Erfolgreiche Verknüpfungen
Munzinger, U. / Sasserath, M.
In: Markenartikel 6/2009.
Der Autopilot ist ausgeschaltet
Uwe Munzinger
In: Textilwirtschaft 22/2009


Markenkommunikation – Wie Marken Zielgruppen erreichen und Begehren auslösen
Munzinger, U. / Musiol, K.G.
In: mi Verlag


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